Friday, December 26, 2008

Jason Dottley Coming to City Near You

I know I'd love to have jason at Oil Can Harry's here in Austin, maybe he'll consider it!

He is apparently going on a promotional speaking/club hosting tour that stretches wide across america and even into other countries. He's seeking advice on great bars to contact, and anyone interested in having him there. If you've missed his super hot calendars on ebay, check them out by searching for "jason dottley". he has them in Japanese, French and good ole English.

Here' is the myspace blog he jsut posted... (the link is above with the article title)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Jason Dottley Coming to a City Near You
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Happy Holidays!

As planning for 2009 is underway, I am scheduling a little appearance/speaking tour. The cities I'm considering are listed below. If you live there and can suggest a great gay bar or theatre, teen group that could use a speaker, or any other venue that would be of interest, please let me know and I'll have my team look into to.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Cities of interest (mostly U.S. but some International cities; Tokyo, Madrid, Montreal, Toronto, London Ontario, London UK, Tel Aviv)
· Albuquerque, AZ
· Atlanta, GA
· Austin, TX
· Birmingham, AL
· Boston, MA
· Charleston, SC
· Charlotte, NC
· Cincinnati, OH
· Columbus, OH
· Dallas, TX
· Fire Island
· Ft. Lauderdale, FL
· Gulfport/Biloxi, MS
· Houston, TX
· Indianapolis
· Jackson, MS
· Jacksonville, FL
· Knoxville, TN
· Las Vegas, NV
· Little Rock, AR
· London, Ontario, Canada
· London, England
· Madrid, Spain
· Memphis, TN
· Miami, FL
· Mobile, AL
· Montreal, Canada
· Nashville, TN
· New Orleans, LA
· New York City
· Oklahoma City, OK
· Orlando, FL
· Oxford, MS
· Panama City Beach, FL
· Pensacola, FL
· Phoenix, AZ
· Portland, OR
· Providence, RI
· San Antonio, TX
· San Francisco, CA
· Savannagh, GA
· Seattle, WA
· Singapore
· St. Louis, MO
· Tallahassee, FL
· Tampa Area, FL
· Tel Aviv, Israel
· Telluride, CO
· Tokyo, Japan
· Toronto, Canada
· Tulsa, OK
· Tuscon, AZ
· Washington, DC

Thanks for helping with your feedback :)_

jason dottley

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