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Caroline Rhea Steals Delta Burke's Sordid Thunder

It's true. At first I was devastated when I heard that Delta Burke would not be returning to the role of Noleta in Sordid Lives: The Series.  Having never seen much of Caroline Rhea (I'm too old for Sabrina), I was even more hesistant than ever.

Now?  Now I am radically smitten with Caroline Rhea.  I can't image any other Noleta ever existing.  It's as if the memory of Delta Burke has faded into film oblivion.  I was torn to pieces when GW laughed at her.  And to me, her ability to be so real in all of her scenes makes her more hysterical and even more heartbreaking than I imagine Delta Burke could have ever pulled off.  With all due respect to Delta, I love her forever.  But just as Madonna could only contribute so much to Evita, yet Patti Lupone was Evita, Caroline Rhea is Noleta.  

I watched her on Conan's show and on the View (or Regis & Kelly, I can't remember).  She was so pregnant and glowing.  And funny.

I can't wait to see her story continue.  What a beautiful addition to the cast.  By far the surprise breakout new actor in the series.  I smell an Emmy...

Sordid Lives The Vlog: New Video Posted!

The Sordid boy, Jason Dottley and Del Shores, have their newest (and best) installment up of their Vlog on Logo.  

Winner! Favorite Sordid Character "Sissy" -- Beth Grant: The Busiest Actress in Sordid's Cast

With over 30% of all votes, Beth Grant's "Sissy Hickey" wins our first Sordid Lives: The Blog Poll!

I always knew I'd seen Beth Grant in a ton of movies, but not until my trip to this morning did I count that she's been in over 60 films, some have won Oscars. I didn't even bother to count all of her TV appearances.

I say it's time she wins an Oscar or Emmy for her work.

Here is a list of her work!

Projects In Development (1 title)Year

Southern Baptist Sissies - Benny's Mother 2009
Films In Production (3 titles)Year

All About Steve - Mrs. Horowitz 2009

Thicker - Lil - the waitress 2009

In My Sleep - Evelyn 2008

Past Films & Videos (60 titles)Year

Winged Creatures - Carla's Mom 2008

Polar Opposites - General Railen 2008

No Place Like Home (short) - Mom 2008

Henry Poole Is Here - Josie 2008

Natural Disasters - Beth 2008

Welcome to Paradise - Frances Loren 2007

No Country for Old Men - Carla Jean's Mother 2007

The Ungodly - Emma Lemac 2007

Magnus, Inc. (short) - Magnus' Mom 2007

Hide - Candy 2007

Factory Girl - Julia Warhol 2006

Rocker - Mrs. Hill 2006

Flags of Our Fathers - Mother Gagnon 2006

The House of Usher - Mrs. Thatcher 2006

Little Miss Sunshine - Pageant Official Jenkins 2006

Southland Tales - Dr. Inga Von Westphalen 2006

Hot Tamale - Dori Woodriff 2006

Hard Scrambled - Alice 2006

These Days - Maureen 2006

Hard Pill - Mom 2005

Daltry Calhoun - Dee 2005

Homefront (short) - Pam 2005

Our Very Own - Virginia Kendal 2005

A One Time Thing - Mom 2004

Sweet Union (short) - Mama Iris Bailey 2004

Matchstick Men - Laundry Lady 2003

Judge Koan - Brenda Lundy, Executive Producer 2003

Birdseye - Ruth Betters 2002

The Rookie - Olline 2002

Evil Alien Conquerors - Sheila 2002

Rock Star - Mrs. Cole 2001

Pearl Harbor - Motherly Secretary 2001

The Rising Place - Melvina Pou 2001

Donnie Darko - Kitty Farmer 2001

Sordid Lives - Sissy Hickey 2000

Desert Saints - Lou 2000

Making Sandwiches (short) - Mrs. Hellman 1998

Dance with Me - Lovejoy 1998

Doctor Dolittle - Woman 1998

Angelmaker (short) - Mrs. Turcott 1998

Lawn Dogs - Trent's Mother 1997

A Thousand Acres - Roberta 1997

Interruptions - Peggy, the mistress 1997

Love Always - Stephanie 1996

A Time to Kill - Cora Mae Cobb 1996

To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar - Loretta 1995

Safe - Becky (auditorium speaker) 1995

Lieberman in Love (short) - Linda Baker 1995

City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold - Lois 1994

Speed - Helen 1994

The Dark Half - Shayla Beaumont 1993

Love Field - Hazel 1992

White Sands - Roz Kincaid 1992

Eating - Carla 1990

Child's Play 2: Chucky's Back - Miss Kettlewell 1990

Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael - Lillian Logerfield 1990

Don't Tell Her It's Me - Babette 1990

Flatliners - Housewife 1990

The Wizard - Diner Manager 1989

Rain Man - Mother at Farm House
Past Television (57 titles)Year

Sordid Lives: The Series (TV series) - Sissy Hickey (12 episodes, 2008)

Episode #1.1 - Sissy Hickey 2008

Episode #1.6 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.7 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.5 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.12 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.9 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.4 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.2 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.3 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.8 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.10 - Sissy Hickey ????

Episode #1.11 - Sissy Hickey ????

The Office (TV series) - Dwight's Babysitter (1 episode, 2008)

Dinner Party - Dwight's Babysitter 2008

According to Jim (TV series) - Mrs. Whitney (1 episode, 2008)

All Dolled Up - Mrs. Whitney 2008

Bones (TV series) - Lizbeth Harding (1 episode, 2007)

The Secret in the Soil - Lizbeth Harding 2007

Drive (TV series) - The Waitress (1 episode, 2007)

Partners - The Waitress 2007

Polly and Marie (TV movie) - Bell 2007

Jericho (TV series) - Gracie Leigh (9 episodes, 2006)

Vox Populi - Gracie Leigh 2006

Red Flag - Gracie Leigh 2006

Long Live the Mayor - Gracie Leigh 2006

9:02 - Gracie Leigh 2006

Federal Response - Gracie Leigh 2006

Walls of Jericho - Gracie Leigh 2006

Four Horsemen - Gracie Leigh 2006

Fallout - Gracie Leigh 2006

Pilot - Gracie Leigh 2006

My Name Is Earl (TV series) - Lorraine Mariano (1 episode, 2006)

Van Hickey - Lorraine Mariano 2006

8 Simple Rules (TV series) - Mrs. Whitley (1 episode, 2005)

Freaky Friday - Mrs. Whitley 2005

King of the Hill (TV series) (9 episodes, 1998-2005)

Yard, She Blows! - Blanche (voice) 2005

The Good Buck - Doris (voice) 2003

Yankee Hankee - Tilly Hill (voice) 2001

Aisle 8A - Nurse (voice) 1999

Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall - Nurse (voice) 1999

Escape from Party Island - Tilly Hill (voice) 1999

To Spank with Love - Nurse (voice) 1999

Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men - Tilly Hill (voice) 1998

Peggy's Turtle Song - Nurse (voice) 1998

Mystery Woman: Mystery Weekend (TV movie) - Angela 2005

JAG (TV series) - Senator Maria Tsangrides (1 episode, 2004)

Whole New Ball Game - Senator Maria Tsangrides 2004

A Thief of Time (TV movie) - Ranger Mildred Luna 2004

Six Feet Under (TV series) - Dorothy Sheedy (1 episode, 2004)

In Case of Rapture - Dorothy Sheedy 2004

Yes, Dear (TV series) - Kitty Hughes (4 episodes, 2001-2004)

Shirley Cooks with Love - Kitty Hughes 2004

House of the Rising Son - Kitty Hughes 2002

Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner - Kitty Hughes 2001

Mr. Fix It - Kitty Hughes 2001

Wonderfalls (TV series) - Mary Ann Marie Beetle (1 episode, 2004)

Muffin Buffalo - Mary Ann Marie Beetle 2004

Everwood (TV series) - Miss Violet (3 episodes, 2002-2003)

The Miracle of Everwood - Miss Violet 2003

Deer God - Miss Violet 2002

The Great Doctor Brown - Miss Violet 2002

Boomtown (TV series) - Landlady (1 episode, 2003)

Lost Child - Landlady 2003

Malcolm in the Middle (TV series) -Dorene Hooper (2 episodes, 2000-2003)

Hal's Friend - Dorene Hooper 2003

Krelboyne Picnic - Dorene 2000

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series) - Sally Roth (1 episode, 2002)

The Execution of Catherine Willows - Sally Roth 2002

Judging Amy (TV series) - Principal Mott (1 episode, 2001)

Darkness for Light - Principal Mott 2001

Any Day Now (TV series) - Dorothy Johnson (1 episode, 2001)

Everyone Deserves to Be Loved - Dorothy Johnson 2001

Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man (TV movie) - Actress 2001

Diagnosis Murder (TV series) - Penelope (1 episode, 2001)

No Good Deed - Penelope 2001

The X-Files (TV series) - Iris Finster (1 episode, 2000)

Signs & Wonders - Iris Finster 2000

Angel (TV series) - Maude Pearson (1 episode, 1999)

Rm w/a Vu - Maude Pearson 1999

Blue Valley Songbird (TV movie) - Ruby 1999

Providence (TV series) - Lillian Gerrish (1 episode, 1999)

If Memory Serves - Lillian Gerrish 1999

Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (TV series) -

Two Guys, a Girl and Graduation - Tufts College Employee 1999

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV series) - (3 episodes, 1997-1998)

Sabrina and the Beast - Mrs. Grant 1998

The Equalizer - Mrs. Popowski 1998

Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves - Mrs. Popkowski 1997

Maggie Winters (TV series) - Beatrice (1 episode, 1998)

Suburban Myth - Beatrice 1998

Maximum Bob (TV series) - Inez Crowe (5 episodes, 1998)

Dead Babe Walking - Inez Crowe 1998

Good Dog Karl - Inez Crowe 1998

A Little Tail - Inez Crowe 1998

Wandalust - Inez Crowe 1998

Pilot - Inez Crowe 1998

Something So Right (TV series) - Nurse Gruber (2 episodes, 1996-1998)

Something About a Rocky Road - Nurse Gruber 1998

Something About a Family Photo - Nurse Gruber 1996

Cybill (TV series) - Waiter's Mother (1 episode, 1998)

Whose Wife Am I, Anyway? - Waiter's Mother 1998

Profiler (TV series) - Cook (1 episode, 1998)

Birthright - Cook 1998

Five Houses (TV movie) - Arlene 1998

Desert's Edge (TV short) - Actress 1997

Goode Behavior (TV series) - Pearl (1 episode, 1997)

Goode Angel - Pearl 1997

To Dance with Olivia (TV movie) - Actress 1997

The Pretender (TV series) - Mrs. Haring (1 episode, 1997)

Bomb Squad - Mrs. Haring 1997

Norma Jean & Marilyn (TV movie) - Grace Goddard 1996

Friends (TV series) - Lizzy (1 episode, 1994)

The One with the Thumb - Lizzy 1994

Murder, She Wrote (TV series) - Meg Thomas (1 episode, 1994)

Roadkill - Meg Thomas 1994

Dream On (TV series) - Farm Woman (1 episode, 1993)

Silent Night, Holy Cow - Farm Woman 1993

Bakersfield P.D. (TV series) - Donna Stiles (2 episodes, 1993)

A Bullet for Stiles - Donna Stiles 1993

The Gift - Donna Stiles 1993

Delta (TV series) - Thelma Wainwright (6 episodes, 1992-1993)

Roadtrip - Thelma Wainwright 1993

Mom Comes to Town - Thelma Wainwright 1993

The Agent - Thelma Wainwright 1993

First Time Again - Thelma Wainwright 1992

How Much Is That Darden in the Window? - Thelma Wainwright 1992

Shall We Dance? - Thelma Wainwright 1992

Coach (TV series) - Martha (6 episodes, 1989-1993)

One for the Road - Martha 1993

Rizzendough Rendezvous - Martha 1992

Hayden and Luther's Excellent Adventure - Martha 1990

If a Coach Falls in the Woods - Martha 1989

I Don't Know Much About Art, But I Know What Makes Me Mad - Martha 1989

I'm Sorry I Told You My Wife Was Dead - Martha 1989

Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story (TV movie) - Pat McGinty 1992

Switched at Birth (TV movie) - Sophie 1991

The Golden Girls (TV series) - Louise / Terry Franco (2 episodes, 1989-1991)

Witness - Louise 1991

Rose Fights Back - Terry Franco 1989

Hunter (TV series) - Dottie Pinder (2 episodes, 1990)

Deadly Encounters: Part 2 - Dottie Pinder 1990

Deadly Encounters: Part 1 - Dottie Pinder 1990

Fall from Grace (TV movie) - Paulene 1990

The Image (TV movie) - Martha Packard 1990

I Know My First Name Is Steven (TV movie) - Mrs. Beta 1989

Hooperman (TV series) - Actress (1 episode, 1987)

The Answer My Friend Is Passing in the Wind - Actress 1987

Deadly Care (TV movie) - Madge 1987

CBS Schoolbreak Special (TV series) - Waitress (1 episode, 1986)

God, the Universe & Hot Fudge Sundaes - Waitress 1986

Sordid Lives Trailer (Real Trailer)

I found these pictures of the cast of Sordid Lives on the side of a trailer. My friend said it was parked at various gay prides around the country. How did I miss this?

If you have any Sordid photos, send them in!

Favorite Sordid Character Contest Almost Over

Hurry! Voting for your favorite Sordid Lives character ends in less than 2 hours!

Sordid Lives in the UK

I have been getting so many emails about Sordid Lives: The Series playing in the UK. After a quick myspace message to Del Shores, I've heard that they are very close to selling the show in the UK.

If you live in the area, BLOG HERE that you want Sordid Lives: The Series and hopefully the foreign distributor will see everyone's interest!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Episode 2 Rocks!

Sordid Lives: The Series only gets better! Ty's hot and Jacob is delicious. Brother Boy is in such peril. And did Noletta shoot GW already???
Oh, and how could we forget Juanita... bless her heart! Oh, and one more thing... is Peggy drunk???

What did you think of the pilot Part 2?

Blog away!

Video's Online Now!

We've added a youtube viewer to the left of the blog featuring all
"Sordid Lives" videos. You can view them without ever leaving our site!

Sordid Lives Episode 2 is only hours away!

I admit, I have already seen Episode 2. I was at a bar screening for the pilot (although I watched it again many times this week) and they showed both Part 1 and Part 2.

I can't wait for you to see Juanita! The bar is back in business!

Tune in tonight to Sordid Lives: The Series on LOGO 10/9pm.

Come back here after the west coast airing for the next Sordid Lives: The Blog Poll!

Dr. Eve in Kentucky Paper

from the Kentucky Courier-Journal
Kentucky native loves 'Sordid' role
JULY 30, 2008

When Rosemary Alexander was growing up in rural Kentucky, she didn't really know anyone who was leading a sordid life, but tonight on television she plays one of the sorriest characters you'll ever meet.

Alexander is Dr. Eve Bollinger in the new TV version of the movie and play "Sordid Lives." It shows at 10 tonight on Logo (Insight 176).

Logo is a channel that targets gays, but this series just might attract a broader following because it also stars Olivia Newton-John, Rue McClanahan, Caroline Rhea, Beth Grant, Bonnie Bedelia and Leslie Jordan from "Will & Grace." Jordan plays the object of Alexander's character's obsession.

Dr. Eve is the chief psychiatrist at the Big Spring Texas State Mental Institution, Alexander explained in a phone interview from Los Angeles, where she lives.

"The character is career-driven and bent on getting on 'Oprah,' and her method of achieving that glory is to develop her theory of dehomosexualization," said Alexander. "She's trying to dehomosexualize the gayest man in the world (Jordan) who thinks he's Tammy Wynette or channels Wynette while he's dressed in drag."

It's a world far removed from the one in which Alexander, 67, grew up in Kentucky.

"I'm from a pioneer family in Lincoln County around Kings Mountain near the Cumberland Gap," she said. "It's a treasured memory because I lived back in the hills; I guess you would call them knobs. We had no electricity, no plumbing, no paved roads. We lived off the garden and raised pigs and sugar cane," Alexander recalled. "It was a wonderful time."

Her father was a farmer.

"There were constantly floods and bugs, and he went to Detroit to work in the automobile factories, so we moved when I was 9 from Moccasin Creek to Detroit."

Later, she went to Michigan State University and wound up meeting and marrying a man from Texas. They moved to Dallas, where she got involved with theater. "Eventually I met a man who was my soul mate (Newell Alexander, who played in the film 'Sordid Lives') and we moved to Los Angeles together to be actors," she said.

Thirty-some years and five children later she has made good on her goal of acting in lots of plays, scads of TV shows and doing voiceovers for animated films. The day of our interview she was off to voice animal parts in "Madagascar 2."

But her role in "Sordid Lives" is one of the nuttiest things she's ever done.

"It's pretty crazy. I've played even darker characters … but this one is kind of warped. The character is kind of mean-spirited and evil, and I've never played someone like that before."

The over-the-top show is played for laughs, though, and her role is straight. "I'm the straight lady for Jordan. I set him up because everything he does is funny, but I've learned along the way to get some laughs out of it too."

The humor, she said, is sometimes the key to what attracts people to playwright Del Shores' works. "When we first did the play in Los Angeles, Del had just come out as a gay man, but our audience for about a year was a straight theater crowd."

The movie (released in 2001) wasn't particularly targeted at gay audiences, although "they eventually found it," Alexander recalled. "Our next big demographic was older people, and there were lots of articles about gays and grays liking it." She's also done another Shores production called "Southern Baptist Sissies," which she describes as "an amazing play."

" 'Southern Baptist Sissies' takes a far more serious look at sexuality," she said. "It deals with young men who grow up gay in a very conservative fundamentalist church in the South. It's about how their minister deals and how their mothers deal with them," Alexander said.

"It's about their struggle to heal, love and accept in a society when you're told you're queer, that you're going to hell and burn in a lake of fire," she said. Alexander plays three of the men's mothers.

She has played a lot of real and unreal parts over the years in films and on television too. Her movie credits include "Titanic," "Jerry Maguire," "Jumanji," "Erin Brockovich" and "The Insider."

Her television parts range from "Days of Our Lives" to "Murder, She Wrote," with "Dallas," "Knots Landing" and "Chicago Hope" in between. She did "Las Vegas" last season. "That was fun," she said, but her favorite TV show was "Highway to Heaven."

"I loved it because I got to work with Michael Landon, and he was really dear, sweet, kind and loving, and my experience on that show was wonderful." In her second place is "Designing Women." "It was so sharp and funny," she said.

She and her husband have also done radio drama.

"Radio was my theater when I was a kid," she said. After they worked with some other actors on a radio show, they thought it might be fun to try to develop some programs just for radio but found there wasn't much market when they shopped the idea around.

"People said, 'I don't know if you're ahead of your time or behind your time, but nobody wants long-form radio anymore.' "

A year later, they met legendary entertainer and businessman Gene Autry, who encouraged them to do it. "We wrote a show called 'Christmas in El Paso.' Autry and the people at his museum loved it, and they went on to do a series (at Autry's museum) for a decade."

When they first went to Los Angeles, the Alexanders did commercials and industrial films as a way of supporting their growing family. Now that the kids are adults, they're doing more of what they want to do. Tonight "Sordid Lives" tops that list.

Sordid Lives Superb Reviews

Jason Dottley has just posted these reviews on his website. It looks like Sordid Lives: The Series is quickly becomming the mad hit we all knew it would be!

The Reviews!
Sordid Lives" has more laughs than a hunting dog has ticks. The semi-big-name cast helps keep it upright and lends the project an air of prestige. Beth Grant, Ann Walker and Sarah Hunley are superb. Shores clearly knows and loves his characters. LOS ANGELES TIMES

It's been years since heartache and heartbreak was this much fun. Not since "Soap" ended 27 years ago, has there been a show quite like this one. In each episode, outrageous things happened to outrageous characters, often producing outrageous laughs. THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Del Shores (the Tyler Perry of Southern gays) brings his movie and stage show about crazy Texas women and slightly-less-than-crazy gay men to TV with a cavalcade of camp icons (Rue McClanahan, Olivia Newton-John) and brilliant, canon-ready Beth Grant. TV doesn't get gayer than this, Mary. B ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

Outrageous. What could be bad about any project that puts '80s icons Rue McClanahan and Olivia Newton-John together? TV GUIDE

It has great stars, it has great characters, and it has the making of a great show! NEW YORK POST

A whip-smart script and solid performances, particularly Beth Grant as the pill-popping, chain-smoking cement-haired Sissy. But, like the film, the best parts of the show focus on Brother Boy. Jordan owns both the role and the entire show. NEW YORK PRESS

A sort of "Mama's Family" meets "Will and Grace," boasts a cast that even the broadcast networks would be happy to assemble. Peggy's family tree has a nut hanging from just about every branch. REUTERS

Shores has created a funny, loopy, off-kilter comedy that, truth be told, probably would play just as well on other cable channels, including Comedy Central and TV Land. MSNBC

A hidden gem. USA TODAY

"Sordid Lives" won't fail to entertain. A gut-busting ride and an embarrassingly accurate portrayal of how nuts Texas clans can be. DALLAS MORNING NEWS

This comedy just might bring in the broader audience it (Logo) deserves. ASSOCIATED PRESS

A new comedy about a Southern family with deep-friend quirks. CRITIC'S PICK, MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE

Full of hilarious one-liners, crazy characters and over-the-top scenarios. If history means anything, we'll be entertained the whole way. QUICK DFW.COM

Puts the fun in dysfunctional and is a surefire hit. EDGE PUBLICATIONS

Feisty and ribald and funny. The casting is impeccable. One-liners and sight gags are abundant. ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS

Each and every scene is so packed to the tits with visual and verbal hilarity, it's difficult to bear when the closing credits roll. GAY LIST DAILY

A funny, outrageous soap-spoof. Trailer trash never had so much fun. It's goofy, giddy and pushes the envelop every chance it gets. *** STAR MAGAZINE

The series relies on the audience's intelligence to figure out the funny. The whole thing has a very British cinematography feel. TV GUIDE CANADA


A riotous saga, larger than life but not far from the truth as it depicts small-town imbued with the Spirit, cigarette smoke and self-administered Valium. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

The colorful folk in a certain Texas town are back in action. SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

Broadly campy. PEOPLE MAGAZINE

Gay or straight, you're likely to find "Sordid Lives" a hoot. YAHOO NEWS

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paparazzi gets the Sordid Smooches

Jason Dottley and Del Shores endured a true Paris Hilton, Britney Spears worthy paparazzi storm on Robertson Blvd in Beverly Hills. They talk about getting married, Lindsay Lohan and even smooch for the paps!


Monday, July 28, 2008

from Musings From a Nobody...

Mr. Pop Life: Musings From a Nobody


Actor, Jason Dottley and boyfriend, showing some love outside of the Newsroom Cafe on Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles.

Photo via WENN

Jason Dottley and his man.

There isn't a closet big enough for us!

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Del Shores cures our Sordid Blue Balls: When the cast blog..

This is the newest blog from Del Shores' personal myspace (

Premieres, meeting so many of you, WRITE LOGO!!!

Hey fans and friends --

Wow! These last two weeks were just amazing for me, Jason and all the cast. It was so great to meet so many of you at the premiere parties --

NYC was just off the hook. I've never been on a red carpet that intense and the whole night was just so special. We raised money for the Trevor Project and that made my heart warm. The cast was so great -- all of them. Leslie Jordan was just a riot as was Rue. Georgette Jones and Debby Holiday singing -- sheer heaven! And Beth, Olivia and Bonnie plugging the Trevor Project was so special. But Caroline Rhea -- oh my, what wit, what a talent -- and she drove those auction items up, up up! I just adore her and all of my special cast.

Then came Outfest. It was just awesome playing my home town of Los Angeles. So many friends, so many fans and all so responsive to the screenings and Q&A after. It was great having Margaret Cho and Candice Cayne join us. The after party was fun with Debby Holiday rocking the house (at Tom Whitman's Cherry Pop at Ultra Suede) and Jason making a stink about not being able to dance on the boxes! Oh my man...

Palm Springs -- WE LOVE YOU! Showing three episodes there and returning to the Camelot Theatre, feeling all that love -- Wow. We always feel like stars there and we thank you for starting this crazy Sordid phenomenon.

Finally, we had a great time at East West Lounge. Although the sound was not great, so the show was hard to hear, Trip and Josh made us feel so special that night -- and again, so many fans and friends there. The place was packed!

My only regret with these events is that I always feel pulled in all directions and sometimes don't get to spend as much time with each one of you.

And the season premiere on Wednesday the 23rd was just so special (my Mom's birthday, the real Latrelle). Seeing the show on TV for the first time... a dream come true. We too hated the blue balls bouncing around and they are going away on each first run and the sound will be gone on other showings. Also, the show ran long because of the ads they sold (a good thing, meaning Sordid Lives is making LOGO money) -- but SET YOUR DVRS AND TIVOS 3 or 4 minutes long so you won't miss anything. And it's running all week, so if you missed the end, re-record and you'll get it.

The reviews have been amazing. I never expected that little bonus, but they are just through the roof!
Okay, I need your help. I need all of you to write LOGO this week and tell them how much you enjoyed the show and that you want a second season. They don't have ratings, so they depend on web hits to our official page -- please share this and tell every Sordid fan to write LOGO.

Here is the Sordid Lives page on LOGOONLINE --

And here is the link to write them a letter --

Thanks for all of your comments, messages and love --

Love you back!!!

Del Shores

Sordid Lives The Blog

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