Thursday, September 11, 2008

Call Waiting Leaves Fans Waiting for More Sordid Lives!

Episode 6 last night was the best episode of the series so far. What brilliant writing on Mr. Shores part and we must all stand back in roaring appreciation and awe of the tour-de-force performance that was had by Ms. Ann Walker. She killed it! Every beep, every call, every F*ck was flawless. And all with her hair in a wrap!

My favorite line was when the hair stylist said, "You want me to grab you a Coke?", "Sure," Lavonda responds. "What kind?". Lavonda answers, "Dr. Pepper." only in the South!!!


ANN WALKER said...

Hi yall,
I just wsnted to say how much I appreciate all of your sweet comments I have been getting about Episode 6. All the work that went into this episode really paid off.
Mr. Del Shores gets a big f-ing sloppy kiss from me for writing LaVonda for me in 1996 and for putting all those words in my mouth. "I eat with this mouth too."
If you haven't signed our petition...let's get-er-done!!!
Tell LOGO you want us back.
I love you all,

Jane said...

Ann Walker is brilliant! Thank you for entertaining us.



State of Grace said...


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