Monday, September 8, 2008

Inside Del Shores and Jason Dottley's Marriage: Daughter Carrie Vlogs on Gay Marriage and Her Family

OMG! I cried. I can't imagine having grown up in a gay family, in a world (or a city) that is so open and understanding of homosexuality that I were as free and brave as Del Shores' daughter Carrie. 15 years old, she vlogged today (and it was added to Jason Dottley's youtube channel, posted to his myspace blog and facebook pages earlier) about Proposition 8 in California which is a bill that aims to repeal the May Supreme court ruling to allow gay marriage. According to Carrie's Vlog, Del Shores and Jason Dottley will be legally renewing their vows on Oct. 26, their 5 year wedding anniversary. In her Vlog, you can see pictures and the invitation to their ceremony on the beach.

We must pass this on as Carrie and her message is so inspiring. We also can't let California law revert because we need their progress in order to help propel the rest of us in this country into a more gay-understanding society.

The Video is available in BEST QUALITY on youtube at


Kaycee said...

OH! So thats how Jason got the part. Because he is a terrible actor. He is the one weak link on the show.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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