Monday, September 15, 2008

Calpernia Vlogs About Drinks with Jason Dottley

Busy day! There is a nice two page spread on my in the October 2008 edition of “Psychology Today” magazine! Yay, thank you! I also received a special gift from Syntaur and got photographed by the paparazzi with Jason Dottley of “Sordid Lives” in West Hollywood.


Anonymous said...

Fame whore. Who cares!

Callie said...

Whores get paid, honey! Ha ha

Jamie T said...

I love Calpernia and think she has done wonders for the LGBT community. She is a brilliant woman. And when does having drinks with a friend make you a whore? Calpernia you are a sweetheart and I'm glad that you and Jason were recognized by the paps...they're always looking for something juicy and I think the two of you together are something juicy! ;)

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