Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Sordid Lives Petition Passes 1000!!!

We are so excited to announce that the We Want More Sordid Lives petition has just surpassed 1000 signatures! We will be publishing and passing on all these notes Monday!

Here's a look at the statistics report for the petition.

The most exciting data to me is that 66% of all polled said they watched each episode over 2 times!!! 27% said they watched each episode 4 or more times! That's incredible!

Also, over 20% of the people watching Logo had to change cable providers in order to get Logo to watch Sordid Lives. DirecTV has a huge coup on this series because in small town and more conservative markets where the local cable provider will not add Logo, DirecTV is the only nation-wide way to access the show. And it doesn't appear that an itunes release is imminent as there hasn't been any word of it at all. DirecTV owes alot to Sordid Lives: The Series and Logo, apparently from this information.

click image for FULL SIZED view

You can view the signatures and read the comments provided at this link, but you start at the end of the list and have to page back until you get to #1.


Jane said...

Let's hope LOGO listens to the fans and brings it back for a second, third, fourth.....tenth season and makes the episodes an hour long.


Anonymous said...

Right on!

The Aging Disco Diva said...

Oh the Diva loves "Sordid Lives" I am hoping it does not go the way of another of my favorites "Dead Like Me" did. Love the show---it is a hoot and I watch each episode several times. It really does need to be an hour long.

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